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Jamaican purple sea moss 200g

Jamaican purple sea moss 200g

Jamaican purple sea moss, wild and crafted from St Thomas Jamaica grown in the ocean and  dried on the rocks and naturally, purple sea moss gives you new energy boost your immune and endurance. 10/10 premium quality works wonders on your skin improving all skin conditions such as acne and eczema, replenishes skin with esssential vitamins.

  • Directions

    Wash the dried sea moss 3 times with spring water then leave to soak in water and lime for 12-24 hours. 

    Option 1 Boil the sea moss with fresh water to filter the moss further for approximately 20-30 mins 

    Option 2 blend sea moss in blender with water to form into a gel, sea moss gel should be thick so be mindful of the consistency, more sea moss less water.

    Consume sea moss gel 10 -14 days of openining and keep refrigated.

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